Karl Semitch accused of list sabotage

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 04:00:22 PDT 2021

> Karl appears to concur with my accusation by refusing to plead and
> creating yet more obscurantist, obfuscatory noise to spam this list with.

Yummie bait!  Ow!  A hook in the bait??

Yeah ... I describe my experience as "brainwashing" which has multiple
meanings, but I'm always worried I might be harming a community so I try to
warn people and stick to the sidelines.

> If he wasn't pretending to be so obtuse wouldn't he have a qualified
> helper advising him?

Not atm.  My family pursued a lawyer to help us get disability for me but
we lost contact with the lawyer.  Other stuff in the works.

Telling his to stop poking a murder hornets nest?

I think part of my scared subconscious imagines there might be governmental
workers here who could take action if anything really seriously horrific in
the real world blatently happens.  Dunno.

Since Assmange all list contributors claiming to be on the Aussie spectrum
> must be considered guilty till proved innocent!

True story.  Where do hackers go for political mediation?

First the death sentence - then the trial.

It's hard to talk about patterns like that.  How can suspects help work
against harm and disorder without losing their lives to suspicion?

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