Karl Semitch accused of list sabotage

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 13 05:36:58 PDT 2021

"... I'm always worried I might be harming a community so I try to
warn people and stick to the sidelines. ..."

Try a little harder - like sticking to a daily post limit  - say 10.

> If he wasn't pretending to be so obtuse wouldn't he have a qualified
> helper advising him?

Not atm.  My family pursued a lawyer to help us get disability for me but
we lost contact with the lawyer.  Other stuff in the works.

Very good, Karl. This is a huge step forward in wanting to change harmful behavior.

Keep moving ahead with this - you have a right to get help for yourself.

Even govt help is permissible if that doesn't clash with your cryptoanarchist views.


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