Karl Semitch accused of list sabotage

zeynepaydogan zeynepaydogan at protonmail.com
Fri Aug 13 02:52:31 PDT 2021

This guy's definitely a psychopath, so I i hope he gets a psych eval he's always talking about killing people.

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13 Ağu 2021 12:34, professor rat yazdı:

> Karl appears to concur with my accusation by refusing to plead and creating yet more obscurantist, obfuscatory noise to spam this list with.
> If he wasn't pretending to be so obtuse wouldn't he have a qualified helper advising him?
> Telling his to stop poking a murder hornets nest?
> Since Assmange all list contributors claiming to be on the Aussie spectrum must be considered guilty till proved innocent!
> First the death sentence - then the trial.
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