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>>>     I'll be waiting for any actual 'cypherpunk' or libertarian to shred donalds 'philosophy' to pieces. I think I'm going to wait a looong time. 

>> We do not in fact have equality before the law, because actual equality
>> before the law leads to intolerable consequences, because individuals,
>> groups, and communities are not in fact equal, and require different laws

jim bell: 
>>  The news item from that time said that Bloomberg had proposed that young racial minorities shouldn't be allowed to own guns

>    So you're saying that james donald is as 'libertarian' as bloomberg?(meaning of course he's not libertarian at all), both going against the fundamental principle of equality before the law? 

No, I'm not.  I was simply pointing out how some people resist the idea of having different laws for different people, even when other people claim there appears to be a need for it.  .   I had been aware of Bloomberg's amazing comment since just a few days after it occurred (about Feb 6, 2015) and I frequently cite it (and leftists' equally-clueless reactions to it) to expose their hypocrisies.  It is quite useful.  

 >   By the way, the correct understanding of "equality before the law" is that no person has authority over any other person. 
I DON'T think that's the same thing.  
>And the very existence of any kind of state violates the principle of equality before the law.
Well, I generally agree 'states' should not exist, but without 'states' that greatly changes the concept of 'laws', and 'equality'.
            Jim Bell

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