james donalds 'political philosophy'

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Wed Oct 21 15:23:19 PDT 2020

> me:
> >>>     I'll be waiting for any actual 'cypherpunk' or libertarian to shred donalds 'philosophy' to pieces. I think I'm going to wait a looong time. 
> donald:
> >> We do not in fact have equality before the law, because actual equality
> >> before the law leads to intolerable consequences, because individuals,
> >> groups, and communities are not in fact equal, and require different laws
> jim bell: 
> >>  The news item from that time said that Bloomberg had proposed that young racial minorities shouldn't be allowed to own guns
> >    So you're saying that james donald is as 'libertarian' as bloomberg?(meaning of course he's not libertarian at all), both going against the fundamental principle of equality before the law? 
> No, I'm not. 

	Ok. So, as expected (by me), you are not providing any libertarian criticism to the garbage donald spouts. 

> I was simply pointing out how some people resist the idea of having different laws for different people, 

	yes, the people who 'resist' that idea are the libertarians. So what point are you trying to make, exactly? 

>even when other people claim there appears to be a need for it.  .   I had been aware of Bloomberg's amazing comment since just a few days after it occurred (about Feb 6, 2015) and I frequently cite it (and leftists' equally-clueless reactions to it) to expose their hypocrisies.  It is quite useful.  

	useful for what? If your point is not that bloomberg and donald are fascist twins, then what is your point? 

>  >   By the way, the correct understanding of "equality before the law" is that no person has authority over any other person. 

> I DON'T think that's the same thing.  
	yeah, so what. 

> >And the very existence of any kind of state violates the principle of equality before the law.

> Well, I generally agree 'states' should not exist, but without 'states' that greatly changes the concept of 'laws', and 'equality'.

	no it doesn't, at all. The libertarian concepts of law and equality are completely independent of 'states', which are just criminal gangs. This is the ABC of libertarian philosophy, by-the-way.

	So, again, 

	"I'll be waiting for any actual 'cypherpunk' or libertarian to shred donalds 'philosophy' to pieces. I think I'm going to wait a looong time." 

>             Jim Bell

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