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Sun Oct 11 13:10:05 PDT 2020 On tyranny, Rights, Truth,
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Now, on to "debates"... Unilateral Debate Changes

The supposedly "unbiased" debates are a Democratic Party FRAUD...

More on the heavily biased debate setup...

All the debate moderators have had their anti-Trump biases exposed.

The second debate totally biased moderator Steve Scully
publicly goofed a DM asking democratic party operative and GOP
defector Scaramucci what to do...
This link is on ...
"@Scaramucci should I respond to trump.  6:45 PM - 8 Oct 2020"

- Why wouldnt Biden campaign go for the debate alone,
instead of their own town hall?
- Its dont make no sense, I dont really no whats up there
- Well that is fucking disturbing.
- Yikes, dude. This isnt a DM. This is public twitter.
- Omg hes donna brazile
- They all are
- He said the quiet part out loud!! Auntie Nancy is going to be furious
- Glad its public where we could all see it.
- Aaand...Thats why he used to be Bidens intern.
- Whoops
- They're not hiding their bias. Clearly Chris Wallace had no
intention of hiding his.
- In the real world, this Tweet would end his career.
- Curious why youd ask Scarmucci haha

CSPANs Steve Scully the next debate moderator for the presidential
candidatesis asking known anti-Trump figure Anthony Scaramucci for
advice on how to address Pres. Trump.

"At a time when Joe Biden continues to hide, Americans dont need a
bureaucratic entity condoning his cowardice. What they need is for
President Trump and his opponent to face off  mano a mano."

UPDATE: President Trump said in an interview this AM that he will
not participate in a virtual debate, adding that "they're trying
to protect Biden. Everybody is."

Don't forget "virtual debate" = Biden gets a secret teleprompter
and flashcard team that you will not see on camera.
TRUMP: "I'm not Joe Biden. Im not gonna do a virtual debate... sit
behind a computer screen... that gives him the answers, because they'll
be handing him the answers..." Corrupt Debates, Democrat Lies

ps: Never trust a snark laughing cunt lawyer. Trump Denounces from 2017

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