For all those who can't handle the anarchic internet

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Nov 17 00:53:13 PST 2020

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 10:35:15AM +1000, jamesd at wrote:
> >>>> On 2020-11-16 10:21, Karl wrote:

> > The driving out happens, I just refuse to hold in me that anyone bad
> > exists.
> Nuts.
> We see bad people maliciously hurting good people, as in the recent open
> source dramas.
> > Some people even identify as being bad people.
> No they identify as good people - in order to better attack good people.
> But their supposed goodness consists in caring deeply about strangers
> far away in places they could not find on a map, which totally justifies
> them murdering their mother for the inheritance and cheating their
> brother out of his share of the inheritance.
> If someone cares deeply about a wilderness he never visits and strangers
> far away that he has never met, make sure you have flick knife or a gun
> in your pocket.

Wise advice - oftentimes metaphorical, sometimes actual (i.e. be prepared for physical self defence).

> If you have created something nice, he hates you, and wants to destroy
> you and what you created.
> When good, smart, hard working, cooperative people get together to
> create something good, bad people want in, and if they get in, trouble
> ensues.

Aye.  It's tiresome.

And supposing you do create a community of some reasonably sane people, a training regime is needed for the younger generations - perhaps in a community of 10 "stable geniuses", allow in one snake on occasion, perhaps to working busy bees or harvests, and observe, and teach your younguns to observe, and more importantly handle.

A classic variant, especially in these "gen-Me" days, is The Grasshopper And The Ant".

The handling is sometimes the tricky bit.  Sometimes perhaps it's best to "let the house burn down" (metaphorically), and start afresh with fewer, and presumably wiser, fellow travellers.

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