Killing Karl

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Nov 15 07:26:02 PST 2020

Hey friend,

On 11/15/20, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
> "... Could you say, 'clearly blockchained evidence of inhuman acts' instead
> of 'killing'

Thanks for your transparency.

> "... and pair a clear explanation of what people can do to
> stop it, ..."
> "... mr. community disruptor ..."
> So you agree to share values with those others I mentioned?  Batshit?
> Gramps, Zeneen?

I don't understand.  Could you explain?

> Your 'KAMARDEN "

I don't recognise these letters.  Could you explain?

> double agent?..."
> Assertions without evidence may be dismissed without examination.

Here, I moved the quotes I extracted down here.  Maybe we can all help
each other out better.

> Now we see the dictatorial violence inherent in this dipshit " <snip: removed personal name>
> system.

You sound so upset, like you've been harmed.  I didn't know people
were getting harmed.  What do we need to know to understand this

> Crowdsourced assassinations as practiced by <snip: removed six identifiers>

This sounds very severe.  Would you be interested in helping us resolve it?

Kitchen Sink (I'm very involved).

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