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The drill continues ...

Bring on national sovereignty and the multi polar world, tyvm.

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*Secretary of State Pompeo admits Coronavirus is a “live exercise”*

*MAY 18

Posted by *Editor, cairnsnews* <https://cairnsnews.org/author/cairnsnews/>

*from Anna Von Reitz*

Let’s call it what it is, folks? This whole virus hoax is a Simulated War
Exercise, being foisted off on us, on purpose. US Secretary of State
Michael Pompeo admitted it, said it was a “live exercise” within days of it
starting. Why can’t we start thinking and acting accordingly?

Our government hasn’t declared any emergency. We haven’t gone to war with
the Common Cold. That’s all their shenanigans. Not ours. We have continued
to function as normal, despite the inconveniences that they and their
Patsies have caused.

This is a play. It’s a deliberate make-believe “war scenario” being played
out as a practice exercise in real time. This allows Mr. Trump to access
“emergency” Defense Funding. This allows Mr. Trump to call up a million
Reservists, which he may need to patrol America’s streets once the
Municipal bankruptcy is finished — because suddenly, all those LEO
positions that have been funded by Municipal corporations will be defunded.

All the government employees are required to pretend that this is real as
part of their jobs, so they do. Corporations that hold their charters from
this government are also “encouraged” to pretend that its real, or face
unspecified punishments.

Pretty soon, all the clueless Innocents get caught up in the play and start
assuming it’s real, put on their face masks like good little sheep, and
stand around looking confused and scared.

All that is real about it, is what has always been real about it — people
catch the flu, a certain percentage of them go into pneumonia, and of
those, some of them die. 80,000 people died in the 2017-2018 winter flu
season. About 65,000 have died in the 2019-2020 flu season.

These kinds of losses have been happening every year that the statistics of
death due to “Common Cold” virus have been tracked— that is, for longer
than I’ve been alive, and that’s a long time. Every year. Nobody noticed
until now? Probably because your likelihood of dying in a car crash is
about three times more likely than dying from any form of Corona Virus.

We don’t stop driving and hunker down, do we?

No, folks, this is a form of hoax, just like so much of what this
government is famous for. More lies, more smoke, more mirrors.

They get emergency defense funding. They get to smokescreen over the fact
that Washington, DC is vacated for 90 days. They get to prepare for the
loss of Municipal funding nationwide. They get to put a lot of corporations
out of business, so that they can buy their assets for pennies on the
dollar. Hey, from their perspective, this is better than The Great

George Soros, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci got wind of what was in the works
and made plans to benefit themselves financially and politically. What else
is new?

Soros funded the lab in Wuhan where all this blew up more than two years
prior to the event. Bill Gates started buying nine vaccine manufacturing
facilities devoted to coronavirus vaccine production two years prior to all
this. Fauci started negotiating with Bill Gates more than two years prior
and got a deal worth $100 million to peddle Gate’s vaccine.

Do I have to paint you all a picture?

Meantime, Fauci, Mr. Big at the National Institutes of Health, had known
since 2005 that the anti-malarial drug, Choloroquine, was effective against
all SARS viruses including the Coronavirus. Read that: no need for
vaccinations at all.

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