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Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Sat May 2 19:44:21 PDT 2020

Hi, Karl...  I will answer to you in private tomorrow.  Sorry for being so
late, but needed to visit the hospital because of a really strong and
inconvenient migraine.  My usual medicines didn't work and I was taking
them since yesterday.  :P

Not a good thing, but I need to consider several facts.  I had almost no
sleep since the last Tuesday and my insomnia is a powerful trigger to
migraines.  That's the reason why I am always complaining about feeling
sleepy too, hihihi...  :)

Well, I like hugs and snugglehugs, but only when I like the person who is
hugging me.  I try to avoid touching people who I cannot trust or like.
Bad energies, unpleasant vibes...

Please, do NOT stay away from your family.  Never do it.  I talk to my
parents all the days and receive daily blessings when my day begins and
when it is finished.  It's very comfortable to receive their wishes of good
days and good nights.

I put some physical distance because my family needs peace.  This way, I
don't need to explain a lot of bad things and they are secure.

Well, I don't use Facebook, sorry.  Even my Twitter account is a bit
paused.  I only use it to say hello in private to some friends or just for
lurking.  I am avoiding conflicts.

Hmm...  Let's find a way to send messages for you.  I need to find a way to
make my Session account works better in my cellphone.  I need to talk with
a great friend there, but the app is still a bit unstable and I have some
bad news for sharing.

I keep my dreams in a secret piece of my heart, but I can tell you I love
the sea, music, books, rain, storms, fire, blades, movies, comics/manga,
animation/anime, bad jokes, puns...  hahahahaha!!!  ;D

(Sorry, always laugh when I say "I love puns" because "puns" means "farts"
in Portuguese.  I don't like farts, hahaha!!!)

I love so many things...  Flowers, fruits, plants, animals, children,
watching stars and the moon, sleeping without nightmares, traveling,
knowing new places, visiting again the old ones...  I love breathing.  It
sounds fool, but breathing well makes me very very happy!  :D

I love walking around, meditation, learning new interesting things, being
alone...  I always loved being alone since I can remember.  I never feel
lonely, but it doesn't happen with everybody, I know, so I like to annoy my
friends too.  ;)

I love the complete absence of physical and emotional pains, but I don't
know a word to name it.  Maybe "peace"?  :)

I fall in love all the days.  A puppy asking to play, a kitten purring, a
new colorful flower, an interesting book, sweet people, kids playing,
lovely songs, a comfortable tree...  I like to hide myself in trees for
reading and eating their fruits, hahaha!!!  ;D

I love potable water, ear plugs, sleep masks, taking baths and showers, and
all the lovely smells.  I also love my teddy bear.  He was my Christmas
gift when I was 5 years old and he still sleeps with me.

Well, now you know almost everything about me.  :)

Good night, sweet dreams...  Take care and be well, please!  <3

Ceci, sleepy, zzzz...  Sorry, strong pain killers.
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