There is another automated system that can control crowds of people.

Karl gmkarl at
Sun May 3 06:21:17 PDT 2020

Ceci, the things you say are so wonderful.

Do you think it would be a good idea to stop headaches by inhibiting
contraction of the veins when they happen?

You love the Ocean?

I also hesitate a ton when hugging people I don't trust.  I actually
don't recommend anyone to trust me right now.  A lot can be exchanged
in a hug.

I have never talked with my family much.  I like to be near people to
have contact.  I appreciate your message of nurturing.  I'd recommend
you to be physically near your family in a way that is safe for both
you.  I will contact my mother.

It sounds like you have some bad situations that you believe could
become worse when explained to your family.

I'll look into Session.  What kind of instability is on the cellphone
app?  I find everything can be fixed in some way.  Does Session
support airgapped/sneakernet communication in some way to resist
pervasive nationstate trojan networks, like scuttlebutt, freenet, a
blockchain, or gnunet?

I keep my dreams in a secret piece of my heart, but I know they are
incredibly obvious and the secretness is an important dance.

I speak mostly english, computer-code, nature, some slavery, latin,
leftism.  Is Portuguese your native language?

You love everything.  I do too, but not as freely.  I love the idea of
calming situations of pain such that genocide turns into nurturing

I see my heart sitting in the childrens' laughter, the stars, the
glance from wildlife in the woods, the touches of deep understanding,
the distant smells on the wind dancing the hair of a friend, waiting
with infinite caring patience for me.

I grew up alone; this seems how we relax for now.

> I love the complete absence of physical and emotional pains, but I don't
> know a word to name it.  Maybe "peace"?  :)

Love growing love ...

What do you think of making peace efficiently?

> I fall in love all the days.  A puppy asking to play, a kitten purring, a
> new colorful flower, an interesting book, sweet people, kids playing,
> lovely songs, a comfortable tree...  I like to hide myself in trees for
> reading and eating their fruits, hahaha!!!  ;D

What do you like to read and nourish with, in a tree?

> I love potable water, ear plugs, sleep masks, taking baths and showers, and
> all the lovely smells.  I also love my teddy bear.  He was my Christmas
> gift when I was 5 years old and he still sleeps with me.

I have my old teddy bear [somewhere, shards of my heart].  I don't
really like industrial things we place on ourselves but I use them all
the time and can't leave them.

Is your water clean?

Be well, Ceci.  It sounds like you painkillers were relaxing.


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