the state of it all: "bankruptcy at every level .. some of you are not even entirely sure if you are male or female" - vitamins D + C - [PEACE] and [HEALTH]

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Although Western reality is simultaneously ("big word bad") nihilistic, cucked, sad, isolated, subservient and dominated (by debt at the very least), taking a simple assessment of our (inner) state is perhaps the first step.

  Terrified of COVID-19? Don’t Worry, Vegetables Can’t Get Respiratory Illnesses

    .. Everyone I know back in the US has gone full retard. People who were convinced 2 weeks ago that Trump is a Russian agent are now begging the government to control every aspect of their lives
    Just can’t even wrap my head around this one…

    .. And for all the liberal interventionists and neocons out there: Please do tell me how we need to spread democracy and “liberty” around the world, with bombs if need be, while you print up a certificate from a government website so you can leave your house.

  Bye, Bye Western Civilization. Sorry It Had to End This Way: A COVID-19 Sign-Off From Moscow
    Edward Slavsquat  1 hour ago  999

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little safety, deserve neither and will lose both” — Ben Franklin

    MOSCOW – Despite the stubborn March cold, heroic young ladies in the Russian capital have already shortened (one might say improved) their skirts by at least 15 centimeters. Surely this should give us all confidence to carry on, even as the pillars of western civilization melt away like the last winter frost. What on earth happened, anyway?

    German state media reports that benevolent lockdowns have been imposed across the country, even while conceding that Germans have been extremely well-behaved – the alleged precondition for avoiding the indefinite suspension of basic privileges enjoyed even by their feudal ancestors. Of course, there were still a handful of outrageous acts of insubordination. Bavarian police dutifully sniffed out “isolated incidents of violations” such as “five youths celebrating a birthday party at a construction site”, and – prepare yourself – “a group of three people drinking around a bonfire.” These existential dangers to the German Volk were given “warnings” – for now.

    In France you need to print out a certificate from a government website to even show your face in public. Failure to produce the necessary documents permitting you to go outside results in a hefty fine. For now. Being homeless won’t exempt you from this decree, either. Because why should it?

    .. Fear and mindless acquiescence has gripped the western world, and there’s simply no going back. Cultural, political, spiritual and economic suicide are all around the corner. Maybe even a fun little war.

    (The Netherlands might be a notable exception in all this, but would you rather live in Mad Max Massachusetts or Holland? That’s a coin flip.)

    We will not bore you with the well-established realities of the COVID-19 “pandemic”: That according to the best available evidence, 99% of cases are minor and require no serious medical treatment of any kind.
    Or the criminally under-reported fact that an overwhelming percentage of coronavirus-attributed deaths occur in elderly people who were already suffering from non-trivial health issues, or that many of these reported deaths are likely not even due to the virus. Even the BBC had to quietly admit that many coronavirus victims – infirm old people – would have probably died anyway. That’s what infirm old people do best, after all.

    Similarly, we can hardly be bothered to relay the huge number of fatalities, from an impressive range of seemingly benign ailments, which occur each and every year like clockwork. Did you know that 1.2 million children die annually from diarrhea? They’re brown or black and definitely poor, of course.

    There is simply no need for rational, data-driven analysis at this point. That ship has already sailed. Bon voyage, any semblance of reason. Just make sure you have your documents ready, in case you get boarded by the French coast guard.

    Myopic observers might conclude that western civilization was brought to its knees because in our current age of unapologetic self-pity and collective victimhood, it suddenly became really hip to identify as an Italian octogenarian, or a bloated American diabetic. This take is far too sympathetic, even if probably true.

    The regrettable truth is that western civilization – please understand we’re using this term in the most general and generous way possible – was dead-on-arrival when COVID-19 came knocking. Europeans and their hapless American offspring are bored, entirely without hope and completely exhausted. You could squeeze all 320 million Americans like lemons and you’d be lucky to find yourself with a shot glass-worth of confidence or vitality.

    .. There is bankruptcy at every level. Nothing solid is left to fall back on. Apparently some of you are not even entirely sure if you are male or female. This is not exactly a recipe for longevity, we’re very sorry to say.

Still in fear of the dreaded China virus?  Vitamin D and vitamin C:

   This Is What You Can Do to Protect Yourself From the Mild Threat That Is Covid-19 Coronavirus

    .. First, recognize fear-driven decision making is counterproductive.  Fear increases demand for vitamin C, so be aware of that.  So do viruses or any infection.  Be CONCERNED, not FEARFUL.

    Primary antidote

    Recognize these viral epidemics come in winter when vitamin D levels are low.  As a fatty vitamin, your liver should have 3 months of vitamin D stored, but probably doesn’t.

    The viruses were always there but erupt when sunshine vitamin D blood serum levels are low.  SO GO OUTSIDE, MIDDAY, AND GET SOME SUNSHINE ON YOUR SKIN to produce natural vitamin D.  Expose arms, legs, face.  Quarantines deprive people of sunshine vitamin D.

    Supplement with 8000 units vitamin D3 daily (kids 2000+ units); if ill – – > take 50,000 units vitamin D3 for 3-5 days; then 8000 units daily.  This is not an overdose as physicians inject 300,000 units vitamin D for wintertime storage in your liver.

    High-risk individuals, in particular senior adults, need to initiate self-care & utilize vitamins & trace minerals.

    Up to a third of hospital workers now harbor coronavirus. So, patients who face hospitalization may be re-exposed to the pathogen.

    .. Sore throat is usually caused by Streptococcus bacteria which is acid secreting.  So alkalinity kills it — salt water gargle.

    .. A Harvard professor says up 70% of the global population will be infected with coronavirus within the next year.
    That is actually a positive because most will naturally develop antibodies.  If one were to say 70% of the world just got vaccinated against coronavirus that would be considered a major achievement but if 70% were naturally immunized against coronavirus without a needle and syringe that would be considered a dire problem.  Why?

    Modern medicine continues to talk out of two sides of its mouth.  Put another way, 70-90% of the world may develop natural antibodies against coronavirus without problematic vaccines.

    .. Maybe only a few hundred Americans succumb to the flu each year.  With coronavirus test kits giving false positive and false negative test results, are any numbers involving infection rates accurate at all?

    The Centers for Disease Control claims seasonal flu in 2018-19 caused 35.5 million infections, 490,600 hospitalizations and 34,200 deaths. These numbers are very specious.  Even if valid, and among all who got the flu (35.5 million, only 9 in 10,000 would die — 34,200).  But the CDC mixes flu deaths in with pneumonia deaths to frighten Americans to get vaccinated.  Most of those 34,200 deaths were due to pneumonia.

    ... [many more stats]

Did we mention $1 trillion intervention over the coming 6 months, on Friday?  What we NOW mean is $4 trillion, IMMEDIATELY!

  Mnuchin: Fed To Make $4 Trillion In Business Loans, Send $3,000 Checks To Family Of Four

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