Recommend hackable tablet?

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun Mar 22 19:26:13 PDT 2020

Hey cypherpunks,

I have never really used a tablet before. When I say "tablet" I, like
many, picture in my head an iPad.

I would like to order a tablet or two online. My six criteria are:
1) Hackable. So that I could put some generic Linux thing on it, the way
an everyday smart user, who is not employed by the Free Software
Foundation, puts Ubuntu on their laptop or Cyanogenmod/LineageOS on
their smartphone. Without spending my life trying to get it to work, but
some struggle is okay, around the struggle required to get
Cyanogenmod/LineageOS working on a typical USian smartphone, etc

2) Durable/rugged.

3) Fairly convenient. Maybe a few more ports than usual, a few more
options than usual, maybe some extra power sources or something like

4) Certified refurb would be nice

5) Price range around idk $250-$300 or something per tablet.
says "New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (Latest
Model)" costs around $280:
But of course surge pricing and out-of-stock is happening everywhere
because it's corona time. So maybe something in stock would be great,
older or whatever
6) External keyboard accessory would be nice and perhaps mandatory, link
to this also p|0x?

Planned use:

1) Hook it up to SDR to scan the local security forces -- cops, fire,
etc -- leave it set up in home that way doing that

2) Backup / travel / bug out bag

If more than one, perhaps identical/similar in different colors for ease
of telling them apart quickly or sharing them with other human beings

If anyone can offer some recommendations, I will say something mean
about a so-called Great Man aspirant soon on my twitter feed

Thanks <3


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