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Conclusion to a mini thread on the LWN article:

    Handling attacks on a community

    Posted Mar 15, 2020 11:25 UTC (Sun) by zenaan (subscriber, #3778)

    [I wrote:]
    >> So is it fair to assume then that you agree with all the resignations (RMS), knee-bending (Torvalds), and turmoil (openSUSE and many others)?

    [Cyberax wrote:]
    > Absolutely. People should learn to behave like decent human beings, and not like entitled brats.

    [I responded:]
    In other words:

    Cyberax: "Richard Matthew Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and staunch catalyst, visionary, upholder and all around grandfather for the entire FLOSS/Libre movement for ~30 years now, behaved or spoke, in my ever so high opinion, "like an entitled brat," and so therefore (I say) it is a great thing that he was "resigned" from his FSF."

    So ... speaking of "entitled brats" ...

    ["Mummy told me I am fully entitled to be free from all confronting words by anyone forever." - You know, that's not a bad definition of "snowflake", not bad at all ... we shall be making use of that :D]

Now for a definition of snowflake:


    1. An entitled brat.

    2. A wilting fragile flower.

    3. A human who considers themselves entitled to be protected against all confronting words for the rest of their lives.

    4. A useless human who achieves attention by whining about words they cannot resist reading, which have been written by others and which they find some way to take offence to.

    5. A dangerous saboteur who typically hides for many years behind niceness and pretence, before striking a true leader when the leader appears to be under attack.

WARNING to future founders: When you found any organisation or entity in this world, be clear about the inviolable rights your organisation shall protect and perhaps enshrine these in a "bro-CoC" code of conduct, such as:

 - the right to free speech

 - the right to challenge anyone at any time, on their actions and/or their words

 - the right to offend people with truths which they may find confronting

 - the right to speak your mind and your opinion (presumably "modulo is it lawful in the list administrator's jurisdiction")

 - the right to "be an ass" when you're having a bad day, and that this may never be held as a ground for your dismissal or expulsion or demotion or etc

 - the right to joust, verbally, yet vigorously, with anyone at any time

It is important to enshrine your bro-CoC, because if you don't, then saboteurs pretending to be snowflakes, or pretending to protect snowflakes, shall eventually damage both you and your organisation by introducing a snow-CoC.

Also consider ways to clandestinely determine the loyalty of those who proclaim to be your "friend" and/or "supporter".

Good luck - and may your eyes be open!

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