Subterfuge and power grabs by Code of Conduct? Say no to Snow-CoCs - seize the day, deploy your Bro-CoC

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Mar 16 02:00:37 PDT 2020

Starting a new tech, software or other project?

Snowflakes threatening the lifeblood of your will to be bothered at all?

Don't wanna get bogged down in Code of Conduct (CoC) politics nor risk the pioneer-sabotaging, community undermining nature of "snowflake" CoC-wielding petty nazis?

Then look no further .. than the Bro-CoC!

Pre-empt CoC wielding snowflakes from undermining your project and community, and from undermining the founder(s);
Set aside the potential for a back door Snow-CoC being inserted into what was "a community".

  Mandate your Bro-CoC from the start.

Yee haw muffaluggerahs :D

Here's are some ideas to start, others are earlier in this thread, and no doubt plenty elsewhere:

  What is No Code of Conduct?

(Personally I prefer the noun Bro-CoC to No-CoC, but each to his own...)

Also note - at least for mailing lists, there's absolutely no reason to not have a minimum of TWO "general discussion" lists - one for Snow-CoCs and the other for Bro-CoCs.  Easy peasy.  I strongly suggest using the following email list names for your new project:

  snow-CoCs at my.project.tld

  men at my.project.tld

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