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Tue Jun 30 05:59:15 PDT 2020

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 02:14:26AM +0000, таракан wrote:
> About the fascist farce and the "law of the masks" over the planet,

Hey hey, Lord Of The Masks :)

>  this is like the "Reichstag Fire" technique... you put the virus somewhere (by accident or by malevolence) and you start to use it as a pretext to make the whole world submitting to your laws and you blame normal people for propagating the infection because they refuse to wear "the mask".
> We live in a small community of 7 billion souls, all provided with a smartphone and driven by collective fears and psychoses.
> That's hilarious to see all these idiots with their useless masks who think they're doing something great. If there was such a lethal virus, there would be piles of bodies in the streets everywhere by now.

In the context of virii, wearing a mask apparently reduces the effective "spittle transmission" range, if -you- are infected - which is a potential benefit to those you may come 'close' to.

If this virus were "bad", then wearing masks may well be a community service, and not doing so could be taken as Georgian Guidestones programming results...

> It's just one more of these "mutating" viruses probably resulting from a combination of pollution, greed, malevolence, human experimentation and other similar manipulations.
> And so what are we doing about that? Nothing... We let them imposing their pseudo-scientific laws with their limited knowledge of what really virus are...
> By now many people start to understand that the Covid-19 isn't exactly a biological virus... more a virus in the mind itself... collective delusion and dementia.

<insert appropriate level of condescending superiority here>

Have to agree that the mind is the primary virus.

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