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My opinions,

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> I think the people who are whipping up before breakfast the anonymity
> networks that could save enslaved nations, are doing most of their work in
> private nowadays, to find more success.
> Are nations really enslaved? Will these anonymity networks can really save
> anyone?

What's relevant is that we need ways to escape control, surveillance,
communication isolation, history erasure, misrepresentation, ....  and that
many many people are skilled at providing solutions to these problems.

Anonymity networks are just an example, but help a lot in doing productive
work and having productive dialogue without being as personally targeted,
when not yet.  I believe we need free people to use them so they can
continue to do the work that only they can do.

I'm personally not using Tor I don't trust in it and I'm sure it's
> completely controlled by all sort of governmental systems and under heavy
> monitoring in all cases.

I believe it reduces people finding you and puts a flag on your behavior
for those who do.  I challenge anybody to start forking it and adding a
constant-bandwidth stream of chaff data sent to all peers.

But anyway as you described it, anything such an impenetrable communication
> framework that would be really dangerous for 'the actual system' (eg the
> big thing who decided all the sudden we all had to wear masks all over the
> world)  would be known only by a small amount of people, that's obvious.
> Question remains how these people would get to know each others in a safe
> way ?

Do you know the answer?

Isn't digital trust usually built by behavior signed by the same key?

Tools that scrape blockchains for people communicating on them could help.

I'm starting to just talk brazenly in front of the cameras, so when you say
"maybe their own secret agents", I key in because I can find myself thrown
into navigating the space of influencing people who surveil just a little
bit.  Thanks for the reminder to talk.

Would you rather focus on tearing down the governments, healing them, or
building something to replace them?

I'm in the USA and somebody mentioned CHAZ earlier, an autonomous secession
zone that sprouted here, which is inspiring.  I believe we need reliable
secure logging of such things (restricted to the areas the residents want
it in) so as to know we can have future discourse around the issues they
struggle through.  Sustainable public news on them written by residents,
and distribution of such news, would help, as well as collaboration between
them which could possibly be done with a blockchain wiki synchronized via
ham radio, say.  I'm not near anything myself.

Any thoughts?

I could use some help setting up PGP and SSL pinning and finding access to
other communication channels.  Interested in being a scuttlebutt buddy or
anything?  Maybe I should try to set up a mastodon server or something.  I
wonder what's on a freedombox nowadays.


There is proof inside many peoples' electronics.  Proof that a marketing
group would contract development of a frightening virus.  A virus that
responds to peoples' keystrokes and browsing habits, and changes what
people see on their devices.  A virus that alters political behavior en
masse, for profit.
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