Industrial society and its present

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Sun Jun 21 13:54:45 PDT 2020

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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> > As to the idea of sentient machines ... doesn't seem
> > to be a practical issue at the moment. A more likely scenario in a not so
> > distant future might be 'enhanced' 'elites' with brain implants, and
> > 'enhanced' serfs with brain ...
> ... removed. That has already been done by the elites 

	Indeed, and some examples of brain removal are 'public education' and jew-kkkristianity, among others. Those two are key foundations of industrial society though.

> (1) TV programming.

	TV is of course yet another example of the fact that technology is a tool of oppression.

	Thing is, TV is a relatively weak means to program the serfs. Brain implants will be a lot more 'efficient'.

> Which is why you don't see Assassination Politics of (2) rolled out, yet,
> (2) has a bit more self deprogramming, more research to coding, and
> world has few more years of cyber ecosystem developments,
> before able to hit that launch key.

> Sentience of (3) probably long way off, Humans more likely to
> devolve themselves sooner.


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