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>>> I'm reminded of the Thomas Jefferson quote, "a well-informed electorate is
>>> a prerequisite to democracy."
> Democracy is statists scam over you,
> keep voting yourselves deeper into purgatory.
> Worlds big parties in power await your every ballot.

Since Neoliberal policy and economics became the norm with Reagan this is absolutely true. Before then maybe 50% true on a good day. The possibility of decentralized, tamper-proof democratic systems is promising. 

>>> Well, the same is true for any societal
>>> structure, those that are involved need to be well-informed in order to
>>> navigate the system and not get fucked over.
> Stop building such structures.

I always wonder how people would propose such a completely uninformed idea such as this (assuming you're talking about tearing all societal structures with a power dynamic down). Here are some examples of societal structures I would like to see an alternative to where the alternative wouldn't ruin peoples' lives even more: the family unit, teacher-student relationships, romantic relationships, garbage collection services, and farmers' markets (in a general sense). All of those structures require the participants to be well-informed (just like a democracy) otherwise they won't function at all. If you went on a date thinking it was the farmers market you probably never pass on your genes, if you thought the teacher-student relationship was like having your garbage collected you would never learn. 
I realize you may say that there should just be societal structures that just don't screw people over if that's the case, what's the plan for getting rid of all the ass holes that take advantage of others whenever they can?

>>> What's great for the elites of today is that the system (almost any/every
>>> system) is so incredibly complex that the people within it are likely
>>> never going to understand how it functions. Frankly, the people in power
>>> don't need to know how it works either, just how to operate it enough to
>>> where it maximizes their benefit.
> You gave them your tools, they fucked your anus with them, whose fault, yours.
> You're probably building tools right now to detect drugs
> downstreaming from your corona induced diarrhea flow,
> give it to them and they will use it to surveill and arrest you.

Incomprehensible. At any rate, I'm not the one using gmail so, who's getting fucked again?

>>> Since technology is basically magic to the common citizen it's the easiest
>>> thing to use to manipulate them. So, yes; I think this character of an
>>> average man has lost absolute control
>>> what to do with
>>> that information generally has to go up a hierarchy with mostly humans on
>>> the top of it.
>> Yeah, so called machine learning is just a tool used by humans. The fact
>> that a 'trained' program can classify pictures of cats and dogs doesn't
>> imply any actual 'intelligence'...contrary to techofascist marketing. Also,
>> 'big data' and 'machine learning' are newspeak for total automated
>> surveillance.
>>> We're in some kind of purgatory between elites controlling the tech and
>>> the tech controlling the elites; the general public has negligible
>>> suspicion which will probably continue ad infinitum. I think one or two of
>>> three things could happen in the future, (1) oligarchic technocrats rule
>>> the world (possibly already do, it's debatable), (2) the people get smart
>>> and learn tools they should know in order to take digital power back (the
>>> cryptoanarchists win), or (3) the machines gain sentience and side with
>>> one general population (commons or elites) or just kill everyone off in a
>>> Darwinian stage of evolution.
>> As to the idea of sentient machines ... doesn't seem
>> to be a practical issue at the moment. A more likely scenario in a not so
>> distant future might be 'enhanced' 'elites' with brain implants, and
>> 'enhanced' serfs with brain ...

> ... removed. That has already been done by the elites (1) TV programming.
> Which is why you don't see Assassination Politics of (2) rolled out, yet,
> (2) has a bit more self deprogramming, more research to coding, and
> world has few more years of cyber ecosystem developments,
> before able to hit that launch key.
> Sentience of (3) probably long way off, Humans more likely to
> devolve themselves sooner.

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