Industrial society and its present

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On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 05:54:45PM -0300, Punk-Stasi 2.0 wrote:
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> grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
> > > As to the idea of sentient machines ... doesn't seem
> > > to be a practical issue at the moment. A more likely scenario in a not so
> > > distant future might be 'enhanced' 'elites' with brain implants, and
> > > 'enhanced' serfs with brain ...
> > 
> > ... removed. That has already been done by the elites 
> 	Indeed, and some examples of brain removal are 'public education' and jew-kkkristianity, among others. Those two are key foundations of industrial society though.

If you wanted me to, but only if you actually wanted, I would pray for you, our resident dank n.gger ... personal freedom of will, is sacrosanct, and any violation of that free will --is-- an offense of course, notwithstanding the misunderstanding of many "Christians".

Wigglesworth did not do such amazing healings in very recent decades, by his own authority, not according to what he claimed anyway - he only ever, upon request and request only, prayed to another authority ...

You of all folks ought realise that authorities are authorities - including, and fundamentally so, one's own (non external) authority, whether a fellow n.gger can see this or not ...

> > (1) TV programming.
> 	TV is of course yet another example of the fact that technology is a tool of oppression.
> 	Thing is, TV is a relatively weak means to program the serfs. Brain implants will be a lot more 'efficient'.

That may well be true.

But as grarpamp and others have pointed out many times, a hammer, a lathe and a semi-automatic gun are all tools, just like that other "tool of oppression" - that keyboard you type on nearly every day :)

Sometimes the smallest acknowledgement - not even of an individual stating the obvious but merely of the obvious fact itself, can go a long way to warming the temperature in a room.

Good luck ya mangey muffa,

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