Surveillance Advocacy

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Thu Jun 11 22:27:59 PDT 2020

On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 02:59:30PM -0500, \0xDynamite wrote:
> > > Fri, Feb 21 at 4:43 PM
> > > I am surprised that when I do a Google search for 'COVID-19 "google timeline" ', I see essentially no results.
> > >
> > > We all know now what COVID-19 (nCov, Coronavirus) is.
> >
> >         No 'we' don't. 'covid' is a global fascist PSYOP, but you prentend to not know it.
> That is a very real working hypothesis I've been working on.  I tend
> to see that Satan is behind it, but it is effectively
> indistinguishable.

OK Marxos, a jot of homework for ya, please do tell us where the word Satan comes from, and don't chicken out on us either.

> >         you are RECOMMENDING and SUPPORTING surveillance.
> >
> > >to track potential cases of COVID-19 by means of Google Timeline, I don't need to "advocate" it.
> >
> >         it's exactly what you are doing.
> What the punk-stasi is saying is that by looking for cases you provide
> legitimacy to it.  And legitimacy in a propaganda campaign is
> advocacy, for that is what the propagandist seeks.

That is true, and further, that somewhere high up, some smallish number of actual humans actually discussed and at one point actually decided to run this massive virus drill, and to run it as realistically as possible.

In other words, because it's a drill, it's largely a hoax or actual conspiracy.

Now some might say that 'saving' the West from China is a good enough, and indeed highly important and eminently justifying reason for this 'valid' drill to ultimately hold China to account for some of their many many outpoints.... but that does not (unfortunately) remove the fact that this virus has as yet failed to mutate into something biologically very significant, though I am very grateful for this fact, since the political significance of China's many failures and outright blights, is entirely sufficient to the cause of holding China to account, so ultimately win win win :)

> >         surveillance already exists and you're RECOMMENDING that it be used to deal with a non-existent 'threat'. You are SUPPORTING surveillance by pathetically lying about its 'usefulness'.
> While there might be a case for surveillance in some benevolent
> society, it is WAY too much power to the governors in a cracked
> society like this.   But IF THERE IS SURVEILLANCE, give access to the
> People to balance and check the power being given to government.

Hard to disagree that folks have a right while in public, to make recordings of what they see and hear...

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