Surveillance Advocacy

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jun 12 02:22:37 PDT 2020

>> But IF THERE IS SURVEILLANCE, give access to the
>> People to balance and check the power being given to government.

You don't check govt by giving it photo ops, you revoke
and reclaim what your dumbass ceded to it. No more
govt, no more access to give it either.
Govt is a fiction, a non-natural non-sentient being,
it, and its people on the clock, has no right to
privacy. Especially noting govt is soley responsible
for all murderous warfare in history.

> Hard to disagree that folks have a right while in public, to make recordings
> of what they see and hear...

If there are property rights, it's said one holds ultimate negotiating
right to own self, being, likeness, nature, etc within private
area one owns. Yet to any degree some so called public area
is not owned by no one but even tiniest notion by everyone,
everyone may have own ultimate right within that space too.
Therein sense becomes not default yes, but default no,
a negotiable thing, excepting perhaps exigent attack
whereby defense/recovery recording may apply.
Natural law regarding surveilling people is
clearly demonstrated by YouTubes of lots of
people freaking out when being filmed "in public",
thus that is in conflict and should be resolved.
Some say camera is taking soul, not just
some picture, taker being the devil. Etc.
Don't be a dick taking pictures of
harmless people without negotiating.

> virus

Govt tracing app is propaganda to power grab tracking
database, same for "reportable diagnosis" schemes.
Govt doesn't need to know.
Though you might want to know for yourself so you
can self sequester, tell people around you, etc thus
not being a dick.

Were there an actual anonymous distributed
contact reporting app, that didn't involve govcorp
odds are by time it starts beeping, virus
density will be high enough that you'd get it
anyways. Though pursuant to not being a dick,
people could want to self sequester, and
inform people that they have been and are around.

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