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Sat Jul 25 15:00:27 PDT 2020

> I think kaczynski makes it clear why technology as it exists today is bad.

The problem is that 'bad' is a moral term which in itself has no meaning ... I read the Unabomber's manifesto.
I was striking about how many things, completely different by nature in themselves, are mixed up.
I don't want to elaborate on this in this post.

I started with the same approach that 'modern' digital technology is fundamentally bad, weird, insane and amoral by essence.
It doesn't mean that the Vatican is a more moral system but it means that somehow modern technology enslaves not only humanity but especially and before all men of science, progress and technology and turn them as obedient zealous workers.

As a former Maths teacher in Uni, I was striking how deep the level in logical reasoning in mathematics was low in students and has been replaced by some sort of 'collective' intelligence, pre-empting on their individual and 'natural' intelligences.

Kaczynski wanted peace, at least peace for his life but couldn't find it. He wanted to live alone, in the woods, far from Human contacts.
This goal, I could understand it.
yet as I understand he couldn't find such peace and was always interrupted and harassed ... even in the woods.

That harassment was the product of collective intelligence against an individual intelligence which was their target, their 'prey'.
kaczynski 'blow a fuse' (or did he? ) and started to send mini-bombs to several targets which resulted in serious injuries, often permanent and death.

What he did was in fact Anarchism fight in all its purity. He couldn't do a revolution, being alone and equipped with too few and too limited ideological material.

kaczynski while a mathematician refused to be a puppet and indeed he fought against a power who pre-empt on the brain of people and make them move as puppets. Now kaczynski is jailed for life in supermax...

Without ideology, kaczynski  is just a murderer and a dangerous psychopath but kaczynski had so much trouble to put together concepts that could shape a real ideology worth fighting, killing and ... dying for.

> He also has a half-psychobable theory about the "power process", "surrogate activities" etc. Ignoring the psychobable, he's well aware > > that people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem.

yes I think the mind of kaczynski reacted to what he understood and perceived as a terrible and extraordinary threat.

Grothendieck went in the mountains, a French village, decades ago and died there, he died only a few years ago.
A real mathematician like Grothendieck couldn't stand what was about to happen. He also said in his words "the devil destroys the deed of God at the speed of Light"...

Why The Devil? Why the speed of light?

> As to the cypherpunk's manifesto, it makes this fundamental point, paraphrasing, "we can't expect privacy from government and corps, we > have to do it ourselves". Then you have tim may's 'manifesto' which is more explicitly anarchistic.
> And then you have liberalism which in its purest form is liberal anarchy. So I don't think there's a lack of ideology, though of course, as I imagine you've seen on this list, the nominal 'cypherpunks' are trumpofascists, or want US govcorp to wage war against iran, or want google to track the imaginary flu...or a combination of all that.

Well this is just a small base... trump-fascism, war, Iraq... Putin is better than Trump BTW ?

> > A mathematician is an expert in logic, symbolic abstraction and have learn how to manipulate a bunch of abstract things ranging from Algrabra to Functional Analysis or Algebraic Geometry.
> > Unfortunatelky being able of expressing ideas and ideology is an other problem...
> of course moral philosphy and mathematics are hardly related. Except for the fact that both have to be logical.

They were originally very related. But as mathematics became more and more complex, philosophy had to take another path. Finally, political philosophy is maybe the more modern and alive form of philosophy today.

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