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> I read the Cypherpunk manifesto... in other words: "me want privacy"
> It's even an idea, as basic as it is. Ecven the Unabomber manifesto has more ideas : "me againt technology,m technology bad... cannot say why"

	I think kaczynski makes it  clear why technology as it exists today is bad. He also has a half-psychobable theory about the "power process", "surrogate activities" etc. Ignoring the psychobable, he's well aware that people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem. 

	As to the cypherpunk's manifesto, it makes this fundamental point, paraphrasing, "we can't expect privacy from government and corps, we have to do it ourselves". Then you have tim may's 'manifesto' which is more explicitly anarchistic.

	And then you have liberalism which in its purest form is liberal anarchy. So I don't think there's a lack of ideology, though of course, as I imagine you've seen on this list, the nominal 'cypherpunks' are trumpofascists, or want US govcorp to wage war against iran, or want google to track the imaginary flu...or a combination of all that. 


> A mathematician is an expert in logic, symbolic abstraction and have learn how to manipulate a bunch of abstract things ranging from Algrabra to Functional Analysis or Algebraic Geometry.
> Unfortunatelky being able of expressing ideas and ideology is an other problem...

	of course moral philosphy and mathematics are hardly related. Except for the fact that both have to be logical. 

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