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On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 06:43:32PM -0300, Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 wrote:
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> таракан <cryptoanalyzers at> wrote:
> > I read the Cypherpunk manifesto... in other words: "me want privacy"
> > It's even an idea, as basic as it is. Ecven the Unabomber manifesto has more ideas : "me againt technology,m technology bad... cannot say why"
> 	I think kaczynski makes it  clear why technology as it exists today is bad. He also has a half-psychobable theory about the "power process", "surrogate activities" etc. Ignoring the psychobable, he's well aware that people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem. 

Now that's a very clear statement of a/the fundamental problem:

   people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem

Such clarity is really valuable.  Awesome!

>From this we can ask things like (only half tongue in ckeek) "are there many people who _want_ to control their lives?"

The responsibility inherent in "yes, I want to control my life" is perhaps not so popular...

Also from this clear problem statement of "what's needed to control my life?" we can state and discuss possible solutions:

 - vertical integration - i.e. grow your own food or at least some of it, collect your own water etc

 - create (or "make real") smaller, more local communities

and other things up the chain, like maker spaces, energy production, open source cars and other tech that can be made and maintained by communities of a certain size.

We start from where we are, and I tell you this: I sure as heaven control my dang toothbrush and underwear!  There ain't not no dang hippy bastard gonna "just share" my toothbrush or underwear, or he gonna find his elf a new, if temporary, rationship with the floor :D

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