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Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> >         Ok, that's something you should stop doing immediately because it's extremely harmful.
> Seems like a great way to resist forceful blame to me.  Obviously
> antiblame is bad when nobody is blaming anything, and you need to
> figure out what causes stuff.  I don't see that situation here.

	You are blind then. Or playing dumb. 

> >         Your 'antiblame' 'ideology' comes directly from eastern theocracies (buddhism then jew-kkkristianity). And you are a 'christian' right?
> I like jainism, although i worship nature myself, and both my parents
> were catholic so I have a soft spot there.  I wanted to be a monk as a
> child, they have such cool brown robes. Worshipping nature lets me
> check the reasons for things myself.

	how do you worship 'nature'? 

> >         'Antiblame' 'ideology' is a tool used by the ruling class(aka govcorp) to stop their victims from...blaming the ruling class. Another facet of it is the laughable idea that 'revenge', actually self-defense, is bad. The christian version goes as far as to tell people to 'turn the other cheek' so that christian govcorp can massacre its vitctims more easily.
> I'm hearing from you that you're not trying to disrupt this list?

	Sorry, I made a point, you apparently ignored it and jumped to something else. And there is no actual way for me to 'disrupt' the 'list'. People can ignore what I say.

	But it should be obvious that what I'm 'disrupting' is anglo-US jew-kristian propaganda. If your list is choke full of it, too bad for your list. 

> Anyway, the way to sort out what good ideas are, is to ask your older
> survivors.  They've figured out when to blame if you want to keep on.

	I already sorted out the good ideas and when I did that I did it by myself, not asking the authorities, sorry, 'older survivors'. I did take a look at the literature, but in the end I had to decide for myself. Like anybody else. 

> >         Tracing crimes back to their authors, that is assigning 'blame' is a very important defense mechanism.
> It's pretty obvious that everything is caused by a myriad of people,
> most of whom weren't trying to make it happen.

	Ok so you clearly keep trying to protect criminals. 

> >         notice that professor turd is hysterically promoting 'antiblame' with his insane denial of the existence of govcorp.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > > because I was forced to disrupt communities
> > > and turn people against each other,
> >
> >         are you saying you were(...) a US government agent?
> not really.  but i'm a double-brainwashed citizen of the usa, so i
> basically am, no?

	Don't ask me. Explain clearly what you mean/did or shut up. 

> it's what happens to activists once they're targeted in the usa.  they
> get forced to disrupt activist communities.  usually unwittingly, but
> often they are overtly coerced to do this.

	so you were forced to work as a US govt agent? 

> > > and would be very happy if it turned
> > > into a religion because fewer people would die.
> >
> >         it IS already a religion, and you know it, and you should further know that it's one of the reasons why people DIE, not something that contributes to peace.
> is it?  i've been isolated a lot.  i see a lot of religions have it some.
> anyway, to parrot marshall rosenberg, since doing that is easier for
> me than crying about who i used to be, we need to blame the causes of
> things so we can work with them, but blaming _people_ is
> counterproductive and produces conflict.

	that is garbage. People are moral agents and responsible for their crimes. You can only blame people, not the 'causes of things'. You keep stubbornly promoting a system that only benefits criminals. 

> it's like the silliness of imprisoning for stealing if the theft was
> food for an urgently starving person in an emergency.  imprisoning
> that thief makes the situation _worse_.

	that's a different thing. Imprisoning people for theft is wrong, see the liberal analysis. Thieves have to return what they stole i.e. restitution. And your analogy is wrong too. 

> > > Hey, um ... would you like me to filter your posts out?  You reference my
> > > stuff sometimes.  What kind of responses are better for you?
> > >
> > > >
> >
> punk included the above statement i made in their email.  i kind of
> regret making it.

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