Judging Jacob Appelbaum

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> Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > >         Ok, that's something you should stop doing immediately because it's extremely harmful.
> >
> > Seems like a great way to resist forceful blame to me.  Obviously
> > antiblame is bad when nobody is blaming anything, and you need to
> > figure out what causes stuff.  I don't see that situation here.
>         You are blind then. Or playing dumb.

I don't understand.  You seem to blame everybody here?

> > >         Your 'antiblame' 'ideology' comes directly from eastern theocracies (buddhism then jew-kkkristianity). And you are a 'christian' right?
> >
> > I like jainism, although i worship nature myself, and both my parents
> > were catholic so I have a soft spot there.  I wanted to be a monk as a
> > child, they have such cool brown robes. Worshipping nature lets me
> > check the reasons for things myself.
>         how do you worship 'nature'?

Same as anything else.  I've had to rebuild some of it in recent
years.  I see how our minds and bodies arise from the natural world as
precious and sacred.  When I need guidance, I would ask something wild
and ancient, and think on how my situation is similar to what it knows
well.  I've spent most of my life programming computers.

> > >         'Antiblame' 'ideology' is a tool used by the ruling class(aka govcorp) to stop their victims from...blaming the ruling class. Another facet of it is the laughable idea that 'revenge', actually self-defense, is bad. The christian version goes as far as to tell people to 'turn the other cheek' so that christian govcorp can massacre its vitctims more easily.
> >
> > I'm hearing from you that you're not trying to disrupt this list?
>         Sorry, I made a point, you apparently ignored it and jumped to something else. And there is no actual way for me to 'disrupt' the 'list'. People can ignore what I say.

Anyway, obviously self defense is good because it increases your
safety, and revenge is bad because it increases your danger.  Living
systems don't die because you punch them: they engage their own
defense processes, and now see you as a larger danger.

>         But it should be obvious that what I'm 'disrupting' is anglo-US jew-kristian propaganda. If your list is choke full of it, too bad for your list.

It's hard to tell what you do or don't disrupt here ...

> > Anyway, the way to sort out what good ideas are, is to ask your older
> > survivors.  They've figured out when to blame if you want to keep on.
>         I already sorted out the good ideas and when I did that I did it by myself, not asking the authorities, sorry, 'older survivors'. I did take a look at the literature, but in the end I had to decide for myself. Like anybody else.

You don't sound very anarchist here regarding older survivors.  I'm
assuming that people who became authority-like didn't really survive.

So what are you fighting for?  Random fighting looks dangerous to me;
I haven't experienced too much.  Obviously fighting together in some
way is needed to defend a threatened community.  It doesn't usually
look like harm.

> > >         Tracing crimes back to their authors, that is assigning 'blame' is a very important defense mechanism.
> >
> > It's pretty obvious that everything is caused by a myriad of people,
> > most of whom weren't trying to make it happen.
>         Ok so you clearly keep trying to protect criminals.

Yeah I'll definitely defend people wrongly suffering for crimes.

> > >         notice that professor turd is hysterically promoting 'antiblame' with his insane denial of the existence of govcorp.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > > because I was forced to disrupt communities
> > > > and turn people against each other,
> > >
> > >         are you saying you were(...) a US government agent?
> >
> > not really.  but i'm a double-brainwashed citizen of the usa, so i
> > basically am, no?
>         Don't ask me. Explain clearly what you mean/did or shut up.

I grew up among USA media, so I have USA learning, and then I got
isolated and brainwashed by (guessing) USA interests, so I have forced
USA habits.  Am I a US government agent?

> > it's what happens to activists once they're targeted in the usa.  they
> > get forced to disrupt activist communities.  usually unwittingly, but
> > often they are overtly coerced to do this.
>         so you were forced to work as a US govt agent?

I dunno, nobody like overtly told me this.  I don't know whether it's
the government.

Many people do have the experience you describe, though.  These people
probably can't really say that they do very easily.

> > > > and would be very happy if it turned
> > > > into a religion because fewer people would die.
> > >
> > >         it IS already a religion, and you know it, and you should further know that it's one of the reasons why people DIE, not something that contributes to peace.
> >
> > is it?  i've been isolated a lot.  i see a lot of religions have it some.
> >
> > anyway, to parrot marshall rosenberg, since doing that is easier for
> > me than crying about who i used to be, we need to blame the causes of
> > things so we can work with them, but blaming _people_ is
> > counterproductive and produces conflict.
>         that is garbage. People are moral agents and responsible for their crimes. You can only blame people, not the 'causes of things'. You keep stubbornly promoting a system that only benefits criminals.

You sound like law enforcement here, Juan.

> > it's like the silliness of imprisoning for stealing if the theft was
> > food for an urgently starving person in an emergency.  imprisoning
> > that thief makes the situation _worse_.
>         that's a different thing. Imprisoning people for theft is wrong, see the liberal analysis. Thieves have to return what they stole i.e. restitution. And your analogy is wrong too.

You sound frustrated?  Restitution sounds a lot nicer than punishment
to me, not sure I've heard the word much before.  In USA law we have a
defense where crime is okay if there is an emergency reason.  It's not
used a lot, usually you just hope the cop likes you, and you can get
through it in different good or bad ways.

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