The Libertarian As Conservative

Steve Kinney admin at
Wed Mar 27 16:27:34 PDT 2019

On 3/27/19 7:16 PM, Punk wrote:
> 	let me add one more datapoint. There's a guy called hans hoppe who is a 'leading'  'anarcho' fascist and a 'leading' 'intelectual' at, or
> 	here is, in a sentence, what that clown thinks about 'libertarianism' and conservatism
> 	"The relationship between libertarianism and conservatism is one of praxeological compatibility, sociological complementarity, and reciprocal reinforcement."
> 	quote comes from a monumental joke of a book called "democracy the god that failed".
> 	Of course, every time that asshole says libertarianism he means his own fake version of it...which is indeed quite close to conservatism.

Fake Libertarians seem to play a large part in this dialogue.

Would you care to describe the difference between Fake and Real
Libertarians, as you apply these terms?

Until then we can only guess...


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