The Libertarian As Conservative

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Wed Mar 27 16:16:51 PDT 2019

	let me add one more datapoint. There's a guy called hans hoppe who is a 'leading'  'anarcho' fascist and a 'leading' 'intelectual' at, or

	here is, in a sentence, what that clown thinks about 'libertarianism' and conservatism

	"The relationship between libertarianism and conservatism is one of praxeological compatibility, sociological complementarity, and reciprocal reinforcement."

	quote comes from a monumental joke of a book called "democracy the god that failed".

	Of course, every time that asshole says libertarianism he means his own fake version of it...which is indeed quite close to conservatism.

	I'm also quoting below some more hilarious stuff from that book


"nontraditional" lifestyles (homosexuality, lesbianism, communism, and


conservatives are concerned, as they should be, about the
decay of families, divorce, illegitimacy, loss of authority,
multiculturalism, alternative lifestyles, social disintegration, sex,
and crime. All of these phenomena represent anomalies and scandalous
deviations from the natural order. 


Did this not imply that vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, drug use,
promiscuity, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, polygamy,
pedophilia or any other conceivable perversity or abnormality, insofar
as they were victimless crimes, were no offenses at all but perfectly
normal and legitimate activities and lifestyles?


requirements for entering specific pieces of property (for example, no
beggars, bums, or homeless, but also no homosexuals, drug users, Jews,
Moslems, Germans, or Zulus), and those who did not meet these entrance
requirements would be kicked out as trespassers. Almost instantly,
cultural and moral normalcy would reassert itself.

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