The Libertarian As Conservative

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Thu Mar 28 17:12:12 PDT 2019

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Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> Fake Libertarians seem to play a large part in this dialogue.
> Would you care to describe the difference between Fake and Real
> Libertarians, as you apply these terms?
> Until then we can only guess...

	I think I gave more than a few hints, but for completness' sake : fake libertarians support, among other things :

	1) big business
	2) theocracy
	3) censorship
	4) the 'minimal' or 'limited' state
	5) imperialism - see ayn rand's 'philosophy' of ethnic cleansing
	6) 'voluntary' slavery - see walter block
	7) feminazism
	8) 'social conservatism'
	9) 'voluntary' authoritarianism

	That's off the top of my head. There prolly is more stuff I'm forgetting. As to true or actual libertarians, they would oppose all of that. 

> :o)

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