Cryptocurrency: Blockstream Core BTC Beams Blocks via Satellite for SDR

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Mon Jan 21 00:20:31 PST 2019

We are Blockstream and we beam Bitcoin down from space. Ask us
anything! (self.Bitcoin)

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In August 2017, we launched the first coverage areas for Blockstream
Satellite to enable free and private access to Bitcoin blockchain
data. Recently, we completed coverage for the Asia Pacific region,
coming closer to worldwide coverage, and announced the Satellite API
-- a service that provides developers an API that can be used to pay
via the Lightning Network to beam down private messages from the

We are Adam Back, Chris Cook, and the Satellite team. Ask us anything!

Here are images of the massive antennas we use to beam Bitcoin data to
the satellites:

Here is what one of the satellites (Telstar 18V) actually looks like
prior to launch:

To run your own satellite full node, check out our docs:

More info about the Satellite API can be found here:

Update: We just launched the Satellite API Beta! You can now pay with
testnet LN BTC to broadcast data for interesting and exciting new use

Update 2: We also cross-posted to r/IAmA.

Blockstreamers: /u/adam3us /u/nicklerj /u/humanifold /u/the_bob
/u/blocksat /u/samsonmow

Update 3: Ok we're signing off now. Thank you for your excellent
questions and kind words. Until next time!

Don't trust. Verify!

Of course even if data received is otherwise verifiable,
it's still a single point centralized completely untrustable
and easily offlined service, yet still is fun with satcomms.

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