The power of a man's persistence - changing the world - Don Justo - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Jan 21 00:39:31 PST 2019

A lifetime of persistence can be an incredible thing to witness.

Don Justo, a trappist monk, spends 56 years literally building a
cathedral by his own hands - quite spectacular in its current result.

The Gilets Jaunes likewise demonstrate persistence, weekend in,
weekend out, protesting for various resolutions to various problems,
number 1 of which is our banking overlords. Likewise David Duke held
the ground of his fort of intention for many decades, spreading his
truth as humbly as he could. Then a few years ago, Andrew Anglin
groks the overton window, and he and the BBS boys memed Pepe, Gritty
and a litany of facts into the public consciousness, making
discussion of certain (((questions))) public fodder again (although
admittedly CNNPC played a very big part in that as they <ahem>
boosted <or something> their share price).

With persistence and holding to our higher intentions, we -can-
change the world.

91-Year-Old Man Spends 56 Years Building His Own Cathedral Alone

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