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Hello, gays. This message specially so abstract, because send to the “space”,to collective mind. 

I think about this long time and now have description for all details inthis subject. 

What’s about. 

We all knowthat this world with actually gov’s is absolutely crazy and authority. Allwhat we can touch around unfairly arranged. 

In thecenter of all contemporary finance system. And manipulations with moneyemission is the key for understanding what’s happening, what is the essence.Than you look for example in Venezuela situation now – it is absolutely governmentincompetence. Inflation about 1700000% per year. But they are want more money for theirincompetence working, if they will start new world war, and we are all will dieeveryday, they will want money more! But never come out and say, sorry wescrewed up. Never. Because all profit witch has every government in the worldis – to create “troubles” for get our money to decide this “troubles”.

Few years ago fancygeeks, witch love freedom (i think so, but maybe mistake), created new money Bitcoin and other types of crypto-currencies.

But thisidea was collapsed, because “money first”, because in this clear idea waschance for quickly grow real money. But finance system based on dollar – not isthe territory of freedom it is territory of gov’s, with their rules. Need tocreate another rules. Great crypto idea was killed by greed. But it is not thereason to cry, it was excellent experience and skills. 

What I’mcreate. New money system for all the world. Absolutely disconnected from gov’smoney dollar based finance model. I believe, it will be heart of new movement, new world without governments andpoliticans at all ever.

It isglobal project I named “Free token” system. 

Now it isjust idea, like OS with open code, and every-body(mind), can connect, and startto do something for realization.

In short. 

Need tocreate free app for all mobile devices based at all popular OS.

New userdownload “token free app”, directly accept identify with personal biometry (forprotection from second and other registrations and manipulations). Than youstar to use app all user will have equal start conditions – it is his personalcost with 1000 000 tokens (personal currency in system) 1st “red” levelof tokens. For understandable how much it is – it is equal GDP per person foryour country. For example, 20000$ equivalent. It is just start 1stlevel of your token cost in system. People are different and with your social interactionyour token status will grow or go down. It is like personal ICO, why – because allwhat we see in the world are people build, and most important thing forunderstanding – that people is capital only, but nothing more (but it is lyric,go forward).

Rules ofnew system: 

Everyaccount at start 1000000 tokens start capital. It is 1st level ofcost (starter). Level will grow up to 2nd yellow (it is mean thatyou tokens will grow up to*1,5), 3rd orange (*1,5 again), 4th(green) and next – up to maximum. Transition to the next level – than you have+balans – your tokens+payments from counteragents in summary more than yourLevel 1000 000*2, you automatically transition to level next – your tokenschange color to the next level and in all transactions (witch was time beforetoo).

What duesit mean – ordinary user, if use his tokens correctly, not fraud, nod grabber,just doing something useful for other people in his life his cost in systemwill grow with years it is objective. You pay only for what you really want, ifsomeone want to fraud, always you know, you can cancel fraud transaction, andhe know too. 

Protectionfrom fraud and marginal using social service. Exactly many people want to haveall, but do not want to do something. This man accept registration in “tokenfree” and want to use free start deposit, just spend 1000 000 red level tokens.It is impossible. Because with grow up level system we can include degradationsystem of levels too. If user start, and just spend his deposit, have noincoming transactions, his tokens will have marked (“Attention, this user haveonly 80% of red deposit, maybe better to introduce him some job?”) Next level –form 80% to 50% (First attention) 50%-30% (fraud attention mark.) 30% - 0%(stop out transactions without incoming transaction, this user need social help)– it is social help function include in token free algorithm. 


Every userneed to start payments with tokens in his nearest cycle, with neighbors,friends etc. 

You can usetokens only inside system. Not transfer to fiat. It is most important part. Instant- every transaction token to dollar (every real money) if will identified, willcancelled. Only to ways to transfer money to tokens it is convert dollars togoods or infrastructure for users (and accept tokens for this) or donat dollarsfor miners how provide transactions and keep data storage. 


Protection:every transaction must be accepted with personal biometric signature аnd ifrobbery or fraud is detected, the transaction may be canceled. It is job for online-societyto justice these conflict situations. 

Exactlyevery government in the world do not want too see something like this in reallife. Because gov services have not place in new world. What can to do. Forstarters best idea - to distribute app, you maybe jailbreaks devices uploadapp, maybe connect with specially jailbreaked device for start tokens from hisdeposits this payment cannot to be more than 3% from red level tokens (30 000red tokens maximum). But all important decisions need to conference online insociety. Exactly – 1st the rule – No one IT company can not to bemonopoly holder of this system transactions must be based on blockchain technology,open code and free connection.


Thank youfor attention, sorry for so many words)) But I have more details about my idea,witch can not be including at this format. If someone have to say something gladto listen.   
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