Honesty: the Hill: “Managing Russia's Dissolution” - West intends to dismember Russia - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jan 20 03:15:32 PST 2019

Truth hidden in hyperbole, where most would not find it, but today we
have the Interwebs and those who highlight the important bits.

We know that one world currency|government|military|court|etc mission
is a failure, yet the relics persist for a time, with a particular
highlight from the Ron Paul Institute:


  … Like many contemporary cold warriors, Bugajski toggles back and
  forth between overhyping Russia’s might and its weaknesses, notably
  a lack of economic dynamism and a rise in ethnic and regional
  fragmentation. But his primary argument is unambiguous: That the
  West should actively stoke longstanding regional and ethnic
  tensions with the ultimate aim of a dissolution of the Russian
  Federation, which Bugajski dismisses as an “imperial construct.”

    The rationale for dissolution should be logically framed:
    In order to survive, Russia needs a federal democracy and a
    robust economy; with no democratization on the horizon and
    economic conditions deteriorating, the federal structure will
    become increasingly ungovernable...

    To manage the process of dissolution and lessen the likelihood
    of conflict that spills over state borders, the West needs to
    establish links with Russia’s diverse regions and promote their
    peaceful transition toward statehood.

  Even more alarming is Bugajski’s argument that the goal should not
  be self-determination for breakaway Russian territories, but the
  annexing of these lands to other countries. “Some regions could
  join countries such as Finland, Ukraine, China and Japan, from whom
  Moscow has forcefully appropriated territories in the past.”

  It is, needless to say, impossible to imagine anything like this
  happening without sparking a series of conflicts that could mirror
  the Yugoslav Wars. Except in this version the US would directly
  culpable in the ignition of the hostilities, and in range of 6,800
  Serbian nuclear warheads.

Hubris of a high order indeed.

In case Zbig or his Brzezinski offspring continue to sacrifice to the
Demons of war, profit and empire, I suggest re-reading that last
quoted paragraph above and being quite mindful of those 6,800 Serbian
nuclear warheads "just lounging around" ...

The dying dragon of the current USA empire dog being wagged by its
Israeli master tail, looks to be going down with, hopefully, the
worst of a possible World War 3 avoided. The whiplash of the dying
dragon is, hopefully, not decaptitating nature herself.

Given the writing on the wall, it's a wonder the empire persists in
such intense reality denial, continuing as though "business as

USA taxpayers - these declarations of war are made in your name.

Cest la vie,

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