My second Facebook thoughtcrime in two weeks!

Steve Kinney admin at
Thu Apr 18 22:59:08 PDT 2019

On 4/19/19 1:35 AM, Punk wrote:

> 	Well, having a facebook account may be rather a matter of self-hatred =P

As long as I don't get prosecuted for self abuse it's all good.

> 	The facebook is like democracy. If it could serve any good purpose, it would be ilegal. 

"It's a piss poor pitiful anarchist who's too stinkin' good to use the
State's resources against the interests of the State." - Me

I got a Facebook account for maybe seven or eight years ago.  Since then
I have used it to find and hook up with local activist orgs; get
feedback on propaganda materials (handbills, flyers, etc.) in production
and distribute the finished products to people who used them IRL; do
volunteer intelligence work for activist orgs; picked up a few paying
gigs; and I managed to seriously blow about a dozen minds that I know
of.  On the whole, The Facebook has served /my/ purposes adequately; the
question of whether that's "good" depends who you ask.


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