My second Facebook thoughtcrime in two weeks!

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Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> > 	The facebook is like democracy. If it could serve any good purpose, it would be ilegal. 
> "It's a piss poor pitiful anarchist who's too stinkin' good to use the
> State's resources against the interests of the State." - Me

	Agreed. I don't object, in principle, to using things like the state's BBS.

> I got a Facebook account for maybe seven or eight years ago.  Since then
> I have used it to find and hook up with local activist orgs; get
> feedback on propaganda materials (handbills, flyers, etc.) in production
> and distribute the finished products to people who used them IRL; do
> volunteer intelligence work for activist orgs; picked up a few paying
> gigs; and I managed to seriously blow about a dozen minds that I know
> of.  On the whole, The Facebook has served /my/ purposes adequately; the
> question of whether that's "good" depends who you ask.

	I too had an account in a previous life and used it to do some of the things you mention. But as time went on the costs of using an NSA weapon designed to attack us outweighted any perceived benefit. 

	For instance, it should be kinda self-evident that what you see inside facebook and which people you get to 'meet' is (heavily) manipulated. 

	Then you have rampant censorship at the hands of the asshole users themselves. So the vast majority of groups are heavily censored and just echo chambers. 

	Then you're running tons of javascript malware, including a keylogger. Because of course the whole point of facebook is to automatically spy on you with milliseconds resolution. 

	It should also be self-evident that nobody is ever going to be able to use a NSA-govcorp bulletin board to attack NSA-govcorp in any meaningful way. While you managed to inform a dozen people about the real nature of the society they live in, govcorp used facebook to disinform and manipulate 12 million people (or some such ratio between benefits and harm caused).

> :o)

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