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>> The inherent logical disconnect between anarchy and law enforcement
>> underlines the irrelevance of /most/ debate about how an anarchist
>> society should be run.
> 	Learning what lunatics like berwick and co. think is valuable. And the idea that they are representatives of anarchist philosophy is of course completely laughable. 
>> I prefer what used to be called frontier justice:  When someone makes
>> enough trouble to motivate enough people to do something about it, they
>> act:  Maybe a good talking-to; if that fails to curb the behavior in
>> question, maybe running the offender out of town; if that seems
>> inadequate to protect the community, maybe killing the bastard.
> 	Who are you planning to kill, exactly? And what sort of 'crime' gets you first a 'talk' and then gets you murdered? Not sure how any of your comments addresses any of the points I made. 

Nobody 'tall.  But any society /will/ act to protect itself against
people who exhibit chronic violent behavior - with exceptions where
civilized societies reward that behavior so long as it serves the
purposes of the worst offenders, its ruling class.

>> Frontier justice is not perfect, but it's the best system we have.
>> Compare the Libertarian belief that incorruptible Courts adjudicating
>> tort claims, 
> 	yeah but not the point at hand. And anarchy isn't frontier 'justice' either. Whatever you mean by 'justice'.

Anarchy simply means the absence of a social command hierarchy acting
through coercive means.  Anarchism denotes theoretical consideration and
rhetoric related to defining and implementing (relatively) nonviolent
social conventions and behavior.

The word "justice" indicates "adjustment."

Lao Tzu say:  "A man most conversant in the rites acts, but when no one
responds, rolls up his sleeves and resorts to persuasion by force."

The most typical problems with any idealistic -ism arise when people
take abstract ideas literally and try to apply them without
consideration of material context in the real world.  As guiding
principles, abstractions like "anarchy" can deliver a lot of value; but
as explicit instructions held to apply universally, they often achieve
the exact opposite of their intended results.


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