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> The inherent logical disconnect between anarchy and law enforcement
> underlines the irrelevance of /most/ debate about how an anarchist
> society should be run.

	Learning what lunatics like berwick and co. think is valuable. And the idea that they are representatives of anarchist philosophy is of course completely laughable. 

> I prefer what used to be called frontier justice:  When someone makes
> enough trouble to motivate enough people to do something about it, they
> act:  Maybe a good talking-to; if that fails to curb the behavior in
> question, maybe running the offender out of town; if that seems
> inadequate to protect the community, maybe killing the bastard.

	Who are you planning to kill, exactly? And what sort of 'crime' gets you first a 'talk' and then gets you murdered? Not sure how any of your comments addresses any of the points I made. 

> Frontier justice is not perfect, but it's the best system we have.

> Compare the Libertarian belief that incorruptible Courts adjudicating
> tort claims, 

	yeah but not the point at hand. And anarchy isn't frontier 'justice' either. Whatever you mean by 'justice'.

> on a level playing field where wealth, power, and political
> prejudice provide no advantages, can exist.
> :o)

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