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Thu Feb 22 18:55:17 PST 2018

>> And you're conclusion is that they could find a needle of intelligence
>> in a mountain of hay?
>   what do you mean by 'intelligence'? are you still dreaming of
>   'terrists'? (though of course you fucking statist americans are
>   terrorists)

I see, the government just might try to acquire data of you
masterbating in the bathroom.  Just so it can have control over
anyone.  I really should have known that.  But the truth is, that
while there may be too much power in a branch that would allow such
activity, it must get counterbalanced by another.  However, skeptical
you are, that's the USA's DESIGN.  You've got to use the tools given
to you by the Law otherwise the tendency is for the system to MOW YOU

Hence, fight club.

>   now, disregarding the bullshit about non existent 'terrists', are you
>   askng if the 'govt officials' are too stupid to find information on
>   anywone they want to frame? Does the question even need to be
>   answered?
>   But just for you : yes, they can find all the 'intelligence' they want
>   to frame anybody for any 'crime'. Among other things.

But the thing is, you have the power fo the press.  If they start
taking you down for masterbating, you can point out to the people how
insipid your government is for priortizing your personal "shucking the
shim" as a matter of national defense.  Or are you saying that the
people are too stupid too and they'd sit idly?

>> In theory, yes.  In practice, they don't know
>> how.  Perhaps they're archiving it for some future time however when
>> they have the tech.
>    oh sure, they don't know how

BUT is EFF just a front for creating fear and doubt?  More on that later.

>> >> They
>> >> cultivate and harness the feelings you are expressing so they can
>> >> live in that magical moment of power you provide.
>> >
>> >         if you are a surveillance state with records of people
>> >         all over the planet, do you want your targets to know that
>> > you have that 'capability' or do you want them to believe you
>> >         don't?

Shit, the secret's out.  YOU know and have now posted it to an
anarchist mailing list.  What will you do?

>> >         in other words what you are saying is what a government
>> > agent would say.
>> SHIT.  Yet, in may analysis you are analyzing from the pov of a
>> paranoiac -- not an intelligent skeptic.
>     so you are in the cpunks mailing list telling people that they are
>     tin foil hat wearing crazies because they think govt surveillance
>     is a real serious threat.

No, I believe it's just a precautionary measure against the typical
abuses of power that occur and a chance to develop some cool tech.
It's not about being probable but about being prepared.

>     and you think using jargon from the supreme scum of the earth, the
>     psychiatric mafia, makes you an enlightened...what.


>     if anyone is crazy here it is you. You are clearly out of touch
>     with reality as illustrated by your lunatic bullshit about religion
>     and now by your views on surveillance which are, again, detached
>     from reality. Or you are a fucking liar.

No.  I am a little bit crazy.

>> I'm wondering about it.  I'm just saying there are powers that people
>> tap into without even knowing about it and that science hasn't
>> understood.  Things like quantum entanglement.
>      so you didn't mean anything coherent by the comment on flash
>      memory? Just more hand waving bullshit?

I mean something coherent with quantum entanglement, I just don't
think industry has really learned how to tap it (cell phones witth
quantum tunneling are an unexplored hoax, as far as I'm concerned.)

>> >> Yeah, and joe sixpack isn't generating any useful data to analyze
>> >> by your super AI network.  So all that work for nuthin'.
>> >
>> >         "joe sixpack isn't generating any useful data"
>> >
>> >         of course he is - and here you show again that you are
>> > either clueless or spreading misinformation on purpose.
>> >
>> >         I'll let you figure out why totalitarian governemnts (that
>> > is all governments) find it very useful to know what their tax
>> >         cattle think and do.
>> I think you are onto something, but that "something" is not
>> technological in nature.
>         I simply pointed out that your comments on surveillance were
>         based on wrong premises. Surveillance has fuck to do with
>         catching any 'terrist'.

Well, there is a legitimate panopticon threat, but then the paranoiac
is the one generating it in partner ship with the oppressor.  So what
is the way to defeat the panopticon.  AFAIK, no one has published a
way to defeat the panopticon problem.  As far as catching joe sixpack
fingering his neighbot's wife, I just don't think I should care.  He
probalbly should get caught, right?  Now, in the case of juan
masterbating (again), I think his own paranoia is his biggest enemy,
because the those with the confident aura win against the keystone
dicks on patrol with the data they have on you.

But I don't want to argue with you.  I just think you'd get more power
following what I suggested than being a pleib towards your own


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