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> >> Have you ever talked to a high-level government official?
> >
> >         No. But I've talked to a lot of lackeys of 'high level
> >         officials'.
> And you're conclusion is that they could find a needle of intelligence
> in a mountain of hay?

  what do you mean by 'intelligence'? are you still dreaming of
  'terrists'? (though of course you fucking statist americans are

  now, disregarding the bullshit about non existent 'terrists', are you
  askng if the 'govt officials' are too stupid to find information on
  anywone they want to frame? Does the question even need to be

  But just for you : yes, they can find all the 'intelligence' they want
  to frame anybody for any 'crime'. Among other things. 

> In theory, yes.  In practice, they don't know
> how.  Perhaps they're archiving it for some future time however when
> they have the tech.


   oh sure, they don't know how

> >> They
> >> cultivate and harness the feelings you are expressing so they can
> >> live in that magical moment of power you provide.
> >
> >         if you are a surveillance state with records of people
> >         all over the planet, do you want your targets to know that
> > you have that 'capability' or do you want them to believe you
> >         don't?
> >
> >         the answer to the rhetorical question is obviously : if you
> > are a spy you don't want your victims to realize they are being
> >         spied on. So you lie and say you can't spy on them cause
> > it's 'too expensive'.
> >
> >         in other words what you are saying is what a government
> > agent would say.
> SHIT.  Yet, in may analysis you are analyzing from the pov of a
> paranoiac -- not an intelligent skeptic.

    so you are in the cpunks mailing list telling people that they are
    tin foil hat wearing crazies because they think govt surveillance
    is a real serious threat.
    and you think using jargon from the supreme scum of the earth, the
    psychiatric mafia, makes you an enlightened...what. 

    if anyone is crazy here it is you. You are clearly out of touch
    with reality as illustrated by your lunatic bullshit about religion
    and now by your views on surveillance which are, again, detached
    from reality. Or you are a fucking liar. 

>  Which is why you'd better
> making a path to enlightenment.  Governments don't care much about
> that activity.
> >         "No one knows how to make flash memory "
> >
> >         the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you think jesus makes
> >         flash memory?
> I'm wondering about it.  I'm just saying there are powers that people
> tap into without even knowing about it and that science hasn't
> understood.  Things like quantum entanglement.

     so you didn't mean anything coherent by the comment on flash
     memory? Just more hand waving bullshit? 

> >> >         the target of surveillance is joe-six pack, not any
> >> > 'terrists' that only exist in the mind of fascist juedo-christian
> >> > scum from the 'developed world'.
> >>
> >> Yeah, and joe sixpack isn't generating any useful data to analyze
> >> by your super AI network.  So all that work for nuthin'.
> >
> >         "joe sixpack isn't generating any useful data"
> >
> >         of course he is - and here you show again that you are
> > either clueless or spreading misinformation on purpose.
> >
> >         I'll let you figure out why totalitarian governemnts (that
> > is all governments) find it very useful to know what their tax
> >         cattle think and do.
> I think you are onto something, but that "something" is not
> technological in nature.

	I simply pointed out that your comments on surveillance were
	based on wrong premises. Surveillance has fuck to do with
	catching any 'terrist'.

 	The fact that you aparently  don't what surveillance is
 	really about means you are either retarded or lying. 


> >> It shows I got high up at one point -- that's all.  I probably got
> >> it from being in jail, actually. But seriously, you're better off
> >> following a path to enlightenment then getting super specialized in
> >> crypto or anything else technical at this point.
> >
> >         not sure if you're using the impersonal you, but I am not
> >         getting specialized in crypto anyway
> Well, what are you actually here for?

	i guess you don't know this but this list is supposed to be a
	list about crypto ANARCHISM. And so the main reason I'm here is

	also "not specializng in crypto" doesn't mean I'm not
	interested in crypto and related technical issues. 

> >> My writing is going to be wierd.  It's true -- it comes from a very
> >> unique journey across the unknown, but treat it/me like digital
> >> shaman -- wild but magically, technically accurate.
> >
> >         though in reality you are mostly arguing for its own sake.
> > YOU said "the internet has been turned into the old medium"
> >         which I take it to mean the internet has become an outlet
> > for the same old propaganda.
> No, it has become a medium for people to express their ego, not to
> connect to one another or motivate society.


> Marxos

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