Assange Journalism

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Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> On 12/8/18 3:41 PM, juan wrote:
> > On Sat, 8 Dec 2018 13:44:22 -0500
> > Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:
> >> Greenwald distributed the PRISM documents to several press outlets, at
> >> least one of which edited them before release per side by side
> >> comparison of published versions.  (Or, more than one version was
> >> distributed by Greenwald for whatever reason.)
> >>
> >> So it seems likely that Snowden got his information about how and where
> >> the documents were forwarded to news outlets from Greenwald himself.
> > 
> > 	I didn't see evidence for that. 
> Because Snowden's tale includes how he failed to find a journalist, any
> journalist, who was interested in his materials /and/ capable of
> communicating via an encrypted channel. 

	Yes but that doesn't add up. 

> So he had to settle for film
> maker Poitras, and attorney & partisan political talking head Greenwald
> - just because Poitras was willing/able to use TOR and/or GPG.

	The story I remember is that he wanted to contact greenwald and that greenwald was too retarded to know how to use pgpg.

> Before delivering docs to Greenwald, nobody in the news biz would talk
> to Snowden, at least not on his terms.  After, he had no opportunity to
> do any more handoffs.
> Snowden's tale of how "journalists" should decide what to release
> strikes me as a cover story, explaining away his failure to send the
> docs to Wikileaks 

	by 'failure' you mean he just didn't want to send them to wikileaks because wilileaks would actually publish the stuff?

	I guess in the end it doesn't matter if he gave the docs only to greenwald or to a couple more journos. But granted, if only greenwald got them in the first place then yes, that's even more suspect. 


> and have done with them, vs. throwing away his entire
> life, more or less, via contrived-looking cloak and dagger bullshit.

	You mean he could have leaked the docs without being detected? Maybe, I guess.

> :o/

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