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>         Sure. Since your knowlege of legal systems and moral
>         philosophy doesn't go beyond crass, mainstream, legal
>         positivism then your nonsense must be right.

This doesn't seem to contain a response. If I squint it seems you declared
my answer to be nonsense, which I assure you it isn't.

Ownership isn't real. We don't need it to do anything. Furthermore, the
lines are blurring between owned and not-owned because of complications
through contract. It may be that  one day we should abandon the idea of
ownership, simply because it doesn't mean jack.

When you look upon a person their wealth is not apparent in any way. Some
people have serious skills, but no currency. Some people have currency but
no serious skills. Some people fit a norm and some don't. Capacity to earn
currency is the great selector, but in an economic reality detached from
reality by countless systems and arbitrary human judgement, the selector is
detached and arbitrary too.

It is well imaginable that ownership and currency are ineffective; but it
is so ingrained in society that we never consider it anymore.
Possessiveness is human, and the human being is not calibrated for today's

> I'd like to to be illegal so that someone can just put an end to the
> > bs.
>         So there isn't any real standard for property but you think
>         that the government must stop something you don't like on TV?

I said what I said, I'm not sure what you're asking.

>         Wait. And you  dishonestly ignored the fact I just
>         mentioned. Fox news IS the government. Why would they outlaw
>         themselves?

I didn't really feel like responding to such a vague comment. It's pretty
nonconstructive. If the gov == fox, then I still want fox to stop. It just
doesn't matter if fox == gov or not. I also don't see how they are gov, but
you have a tendency towards such claims.

        You don't like the real outcome of (your) stupid government
>         theories? =)

There's that familiar senseless anger again. Why do you do that? Where does
it help you go? Can you control it?
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