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Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed May 27 23:04:07 PDT 2015

On 5/28/15, Lodewijk andré de la porte <l at> wrote:
> Capacity to earn
> currency is the great selector,

-a- great selector

-the- current great selector

Our language can shape our thinking - the reason I comment here, not
to be picky. And on that note, I'm sure you can come up with even
"better" variations on the phrase.

> but in an economic reality detached from reality by
> countless systems and arbitrary human judgement, the
> selector is detached and arbitrary too.

Detached yes. Arbitrary in some sense, but certainly not absolutely.

> It is well imaginable that ownership and currency are ineffective;

Don't agree with that. Sub-optimal for certain "desired outcomes" perhaps.

> but it is so ingrained in society
> that we never consider it anymore.

s/never/don't often/
s/consider it/challenge it/

> Possessiveness is human, and the human being is
> not calibrated for today's society.

This sounds potentially very interesting. A concept on the tip of my
mind but can't quite get. Please elaborate here if you will.

> There's that familiar senseless anger again.
> Why do you do that? Where does
> it help you go? Can you control it?

These are good questions. I can relate with them for myself. Thank you
for patiently asking.


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