Well, they got what they want...

sunder sunder at sunder.net
Sun Jul 24 16:31:57 PDT 2005

Tyler Durden wrote:

> Saw a local security expert on the news, and he stated the obvious: 
> Random searches and whatnot are going to do zero for someone 
> determined, but "might" deter someone who was "thinking about" blowing 
> up the A train. In other words, everyone here in NYC knows that we've 
> given up a lot for the sake of the appearence of security, but no one 
> seems to give a damn.

I wouldn't say "we've given up" at all - after all, we've had no choice 
in the matter. We weren't asked if we wanted to be searched, we weren't 
asked if we were willing to give up liberty for the appearance of 
security, we weren't asked if we were ok with atrocities such as the 
unpatriot act, or the national ID disguised as a standardized driver's 
license, we weren't asked if we were willing to pay lots of tax dollars 
to finance more police on every corner and all the toys that they have 
purchased for these tasks, or the various hollow cement "flower" pots, 
and other barricades.

It's not exactly a liberty that we have sacrificed, when it was taken 
away without consent.  There is another word for this: theft.

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