Well, they got what they want...

Gil Hamilton gil_hamilton at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 25 03:37:39 PDT 2005

sunder wrote:
>Tyler Durden wrote:
> >                 In other words, everyone here in NYC knows that we've > 
>given up a lot for the sake of the appearence of security, but no one > 
>seems to give a damn.
>I wouldn't say "we've given up" at all - after all, we've had no choice in 
>the matter. We weren't asked if we wanted to be searched, we weren't asked 
>if we were willing to give up liberty for the appearance of security, we 
>weren't asked if we were ok with atrocities such as the unpatriot act, or 
>the national ID disguised as a standardized driver's license, we weren't 
>asked if we were willing to pay lots of tax dollars to finance more police 
>on every corner and all the toys that they have purchased for these tasks, 
>or the various hollow cement "flower" pots, and other barricades.

Sure we have been asked.  We get asked every two years, which means
twice already since 9/11.  We keep electing the same assholes who gave
us the patriot act, and the national ID cards, and the "assault weapons"
ban and all of the Know Your Customer / anti-money-laundering
regulations, and the anti-drug laws.  "We" have the power to stop all of
this if we choose.


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