Idea: The ultimate CD/DVD auditing tool

Sampo Syreeni decoy at
Mon Jul 7 07:01:10 PDT 2003

On 2003-07-07, Major Variola (ret) uttered to cypherpunks at

>Here, ponder this: why are there no oxygen sensor or manifold temperature
>or ignition-phase (etc) displays in ordinary cars?

Because the wiring, displays, etc. do impose costs, most of all in design
expense. You can't do it all in software. With CD drives you can, and it's
quite likely it wouldn't constitute more than a page full of C if your
existing codebase has any structure at all. So yes, I do understand about
cost constraints. It's just that this particular feature wouldn't likely
violate any of them, and would be a highly useful feature to a number of
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