A new record? 18 Choategrams this morning!

Tim May tcmay at got.net
Sun Jul 22 09:54:35 PDT 2001

After reading the handful of messages that made it through lne.com's 
filters, I double-checked my "trash" directory to see what my own 
filters had thrown away.

Some kind of new record: 18 messages from Choate, posted during just 
a 2-hour period this morning. From the headers, most look to be 
Choategrams giving us pointers to what Yahoo or CNN make readily 

(One pulled at random: 
"Summit Protests Rage for Second Day")

Gee, Choate, how would we know about yesterday's news, reported 
widely, discussed here, if you didn't pass on a pointer to Yahoo?

Some would call it mail-bombing the list to disrupt it. Perhaps. But 
I expect it's just plain cluelessness. Some kind of "URL Tourette's 

Thank Baal for filtering tools.

--Tim May

Timothy C. May         tcmay at got.net        Corralitos, California
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