Filetopia = gnutella + crypto

Subcommander Bob bob at
Sun Jul 22 09:39:18 PDT 2001

FYI: a gnutellish distrib P2P/search tool *with crypto*.  For Wintel.

>From its doc:
   Filetopia is a free communications software that includes: instant
messaging, chat, e-mail, a powerful file sharing system with
   a search engine, online friends list and message boards. What is
unique to this software is the level of security and privacy
   that it provides. It uses a choice of strong ciphers and public key
techniques for all communications and sophisticated
   techniques to protect your IP and thus make you truly anonymous and
safe from attacks.

I've been running this P2P filesharer for a few days, its quite stable
and fast even on a
slow, old Win95 system (unlike many other P2P tools).

I have no assoc. with Filetopia

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