Agents kick crypto ass....was The Privacy/Untraceability Sweet Spot

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Thu Aug 30 09:50:26 PDT 2001

On 27 Aug 2001, at 23:22, Aimee Farr wrote:
> Considering the incredibly bad timing of this discussion in 
> light of world events, I don't see how you could call ME a 
> provocateur. My jibe was good-natured. You keep posting the 
> equivalent of classified ads. I know who wants this shit now, 
> and it's not "little bad men."

The main world events that I have noticed is that President Bush 
has deballed the world gun control treaty, in part because it 
would hinder aid to revolutionary movements that have interests 
in common with the US, and that Bush is making unkind noises 
about the world treaty against tax havens and financial secrecy, 
in part because it would give the EEC too much control over 
international money flows.

The state has always been repressive -- and different states have 
always disagreed strongly over what needs to be repressed.

In 1376 the Holy Roman Church declared itself supreme in all 
matters of thought, and declared that any thinking not first 
approved and authorized in advanced by the church, and conducted 
in proper church channels, was heresy and/or witchcraft 
punishable by burning at the stake.  However, under the original 
treaty between Pope and holy roman empire, any such burnings 
required both the Pope's judges and the King's goons
(oversimplification, but that is essense of it).  Since Pope and
King were usually trying to kill each other, freedom survived,
though not easily. 

         James A. Donald

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