Shrubs 2 step plan to really screw the economy.

Matthew X profrv at
Fri May 14 13:47:18 PDT 1999

1) Keep doing all the stupid evil shit his whole families so expert at.
2) Make Space a military free fire zone and fill it up with highly 
toxic,highly dangerous,highly expensive junk plus some extremely dangerous 
ray guns.
Killing him is only simple self defence.(my 2c)
"Then it was back in front of the fireplace to finish reading Lou Dobbs' 
new book, Space : The Next Business Frontier. I suspect many of us think of 
space as being mostly about government related programs like NASA or 
possibly the global positioning system (GPS), or perhaps directTV. Lou 
makes the point in his book that space is about a lot more than that. The 
focus of his book is that space is more and more about "space business". In 
addition to a lot of interesting information about space shuttles and 
satellite launches, he talks about the hundreds of corporate players -- 
including "some of the world's largest organizations" -- which are already 
generating billions of dollars in revenue. He convinced me that space is 
headed toward becoming a new business revolution." FROM

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